Monday, September 12, 2005

pindah - pindah


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14 Desember 2005

Monday, August 01, 2005

the day after click day

cool, tired, exhausting and totally fun....

I can't thinking other word to describe what I've feel since last week until yesterday. Click day event have totally locked up my life. I never thought before that work will ruin all my life, my schedule, and all my other activities. I think that working in the office will give me a settle life, accurate timing ( came in the office 08.00 in the morning and back to home at 4 pm), sure income, and many other benefit. But hell with that, I'm just a freshmen. I don't even a months here... But it's quite fun society. Nice partners, good boses, and funny things happens a lot here, and many other things.

Anyway, last day.. ummm, I mean last night, I went dinner with my best friend, **** (I think it would be good to keep a secret about her name). Just dinner, but it's not an ordinary dinner, why ?? 'Cause it's a dinner in the one of the most prestigious place in my town Semarang, It's in palace, at Thamrin square. And the most important thing about the dinner is FREE, yes, It's FREE. I can't afford to buy a meal right there (right now, but someday who knows .. :p ), so when I got a dinner invitation from Mrs. Nanan and Mr. Adrian, I'm so pleased. I got that dinner invitation 'cause I've just finished my college, I'm grduated from college, and I deserved to put a degree right after my name, so my name are "Didik Achmadi, S.T." . Based on Tyash, S.T. means "Sarjana Teler" (Eng: Drunken Bachelor). Actually, I don't like to put by degree or being called by somebody which he/she include my degree. I like called by my name, just my name, Didik or Achmadi both of them are fine to me.

Here is one of my graduation picture,

Piss man !!!

Anyway, After graduation ceremony, I wen to my campus to take care a lil' problem with my transcript (my thesis are wrong typed, thank God, my score wasn't wrong type too... ). At my campus, I met several friends, Yuli, Wahyu, SAtria, Dodi Hardi, and many other... You can see my pict with them after grad ceremony HEre..

Hope someday I still can meet them in a much better situation. Hopefully ........

Monday, July 25, 2005

well.. it's been a full exhausting day since wake up until now (10:33 PM)

It's my graduation day... The day which I (read: my parents) 've been waiting for sooo long. Many things to say and write down to, but my happiness is still can't get controlled till now..

One thing for sure is this day I found my lost soul.. Well.. I think I'm in crush (again).... I can't tell you who is she, but she is a cool, independent, religious and nice person I've ever met until now...

But I still wanna find a WIFE, what ?? U didn't hear me ?? A WIFE.... I realize, I'm gettin' old and mature every single second passing through my life. So.. why should I wasting my time doing something that doesn't have a future benefit ?

Small story about her, there are several person I've ever dream about (really... ) who will be my next wife, and she is one of them... Just wondering if it true... :D

Guess how is she ??? Just give a comment in this post.......

Monday, June 20, 2005

hei.. my little fellow !!!

it's been so long since my last blogging time.. I can't figure out when did my last blog was updated.

Right now I'm in computer labs at my campus (still my campus man !!, I haven't graduated yet... :p ) This night I met my little fellow, her name is *****. It's been so long since our meets. I don't know how is her condition, but one thing for sure, her body is still small... smell like a "minyak angin" or "kayu putih" ??? such a things never change till now..

Actually I'm trying to do some small research about Wi Fi with my bro Tunggul.. We have a little project needs to be done. but looks like the LORD doesn't give His permits to try out the computer system.. But take a look at a good side.. We take a dinner at Agha Cafe.. nice capjay, cool but not too HOT .. my Friend order some Babat Gongso.. and he is quite dissapointed 'cause the quantity are not that much... hehehe know.. programmer and computer geek have a large stomach... It's sooo Big !!!

Oya, it's 22:52 PM. And I still here with my old friend.. I say old because we haven't met for long time.. Yet, she still remember when did we met last time.. but as usuall,... I don't remember it.. SOrry.. It's me..

I'm quite --what can I say-- some people said that I'm a *linglung* and *pelupa ABIZZZZ!!* I'm trying to make over that weakness, and I'm still trying to .. hope it's gonna works...

fine lets say, 10 things she remember most about me (based on her of course):
( In indonesia )
1. Pelupa
2. Suka Ingkar Janji
3. Susah Jatuh Hati ama orang laen... (hehehehehh.... kayaknya ini bener deh)
4. MEngejutkan
5. Sok Tua (padahal aku gak tua2 banget loh.. coba kalo orang laen tau umurku sebenarnya ... pasti pada gak percaya, jangan2 mukaku emang awet TUA ?? huaaaa!!!!! )
6. Pendengar yang baik
7. Phobia Ketinggian
8. Bisa dipercaya (wuaks !!! r u sure ??? )
9. Cuex (yups... sometime I did this.. especially when related with my work and responsibility.. workaholic workaholic workaholic-------- )
10. sabar

thank you... It's been a great advice for me..
don't worry, I'll always remember this.. perhaps sometime when we meet again U'll know the real me..

For any of you who read this blog .. Let me introduce about her (just a brief description) :

I know her since her first attend at my campus.. she is quite small, well she is small. not quite small.. with 150 cm(right now its' 155 cm) and wight (right now 40 kg's).. she can't get lost in the middle of crowded ..

She is just like that... I can't describe the bad things 'cause she is next to me right now.. so let's say about the good part.. She is like a child at the first time I met her.. totally child (sorry for say something like this, but it's true).. She can't believe I wrote this, well perhaps I should told her to remember at OSPEK day... hueueueueu

One things I always remeber about her is her pure heart (that time) I don't know about her now.. perhaps that because she never (or perhaps less) had an ca\onversation with many person, so she still ... I don;t know to describe about that, but I just know that she is quite good and nice person -- But it's was... I can't describe anything about her.. Perhaps U may ask her (if any of you wants to know her, I can meet u to this girl... :D )Hey.. She is still single right now.. PErhaps anybody want's to be with her.. U wont regret to be with her.. Although she is sooo girlie... but she had her own principal and strong will .

U may contact her at 0852******** for further information contact via sms to 08111119949. Ask her to date.. Oya, she like a peace and quiet place.. good scenery, full of light (but she told me, she doesn't like it anymore... , it's free to change the taste and style right ??)

it's been late night, I need a good sleep, 'cause I need to work tomorrow.. But hey... It's rain in the outside ?? ! Oh GOD !! mein GOT !!

I miss somebody right now.. Where is he ?? huauauauauauauua !!!!! The person next to me are quite shock when I wrote that sentence.. :D gotcha !!!

1-0 to me ..

But I miss her.. my old bestfriend..
I've made my promise her to send her some letter (like old fashioned style ha... ) but I still can't write .. Perhaps one point from that -10 things my friend told about me- is right. Sometime I van't keep my promises.. but I hope that's not true.. I still remember my promise, from the first time I make my promise till now.. PErhaps the time hasn't come yet.. hopefully.... I always keep my promises.. but the "execution" time hasn't come yet.. there is always a time to keep my promises..

That's why, my wife (someday) should wants to remind me about all my promises.. she must have a strong will, smart (is a must), and she must have a good religion (humm... is not an option), one things for sure she must be a REAL WOWEN.. not *BANCI* or *WARIA* or some kind like that... U know what I mean ???

wel. it's been almost an hour I need to back home.. thank you !!!


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Between modernity and poverty

It's been so long since my last visit to Citraland Mall, one of the biggest mall in my city, Semarang. My main reason went there is to apply and follow some tv news presenter selection being held there (I know that from newspaper and several billboard). After have a little walk around the mall, I finally realize that the contest is being held at Auditorium RRI, close to that mall. Ouch !!!, big TV station like them shouldn't make a mistakes like that. That was out of their compentence. I hope I was the one who make a mistakes. The writing on the billboard show that the contest being held at two place, but I don't know if the contest are only held at one place.

But that's fine, I've got several lesson at the mall. After hanging around at the mall, I went home through the outer side of the mall. At a sidewalk, I saw an old women, perhaps her age around 50 - 60 years, he sell a local javanese food call Mendut. Mendut is a sweet snack consists of sugar (javanese sugar), flour, and coconut. The sugar and coconut were mixed together and wrapped by thin layer of flour and banana leaf as an outer wrapper. Finally, they were cooked over hot steam. I won't make a further explanation about the Mendut, but I'm very impressed with the contrast between the old woman who sell "cheap" local snack near the mall.

What the hell a condition ?? Nobody doesn't seem noticed the old lady at all !! Many people were passing her, but........

Poverty and modernity are two conditions that completely unseparatable. And it's much much more contrast at capitalist and 3rd world country (negara dunia ketiga.., I don't know the translation in English). There are many traditional market in my country who had a conflict with mall developer, especially in sub urban area. Government rule are conduct contractor and developer not to make any mall at least 2 km away from traditional market. But anybody in the world know that almost anything could be done here if u have money, yes, money, God Damn f***ing MONEY...!!!!

I need money just like anybody else in the world, but I do hate them if they were used as an amoral means. If this condition still happen, I'm sure, definitely SO SURE that my country is close to doomsday. How many "another old woman" just like that who is gonna scutinized by big massive developer, how many traditional food which will be extinct if they were treat like that (marketed like that..), how many people will raise their narcisstic and egoism by acting like nothing were happen about their country conditions ???

Hope someday I'll make my place, this world become much much better country to lived in. I don't care about people who had an egoism and developer or contractor who had nothing about social sensitivity. Perhaps they should begone from this world, and another more, CORRUPTOR !!!!!! they shall die, DIE !!, DIE!!!!!!!!!!! at no exceptions ! no more mercy to them !

Sunday, April 24, 2005

God is truly Noble...

Dibalik segala sesuatu tersimpan hikmah yang tak terhingga besarnya. Saya pribadi baru saja mendapati kenyataan ini (kembali). Kau, memang teramat sangat Adil, Engkau Maha segalanya, Namun kenapa banyak sekali yang lali kepadaMu, menyekutukanMu, MenghinaMu dan MerendahkanMu.

Namun kadang diperlukan keluhuran dan kerendahan hati untuk dapat mencerna segala bentuk rahmatMu. Engkau memiliki kuasa penuh untuk memutuskan hidayah kepada seeorang.

Friday, April 22, 2005

"living" society

What do we mean about living society ??? I'n my opinion, living society means a group of person involved within an interactional relation which is has a sinergical condition. In a sinergical condition, mathematical function and theorems sometimes become useless, for example

2 + 2 =4 (in math)

2 + 2 > 4 (in sinergical condition).

Most of us doesn't have such a situation, in a matter of fact, those "living" society is an utopia, something ideal, something that we would never get, something perfect. Yes, of course nobody's perfect, but if we decrease a little bit about that "perfect" standard, perhaps we ever make up in somewhat like "living" society.

Right now, this moment, I've found something that could be said as a "living" society. This society consists of several people, most of them are college students and some of them has already graduated. There is one similarity between all the people involved in this society, all of them came from the same educational background, all of them used to be a college students from Electrical Engineering Dept. at one of state university in Central Java. All of them are hi-tech minded. That place is in internet center called CampusNet.

In CampusNet, there are several people, let's say about 10 people. Not all of them had a stocks in CampusNet membership fund, but they may live there. Live ??? Yes, CampusNet become their home, they do their work there, they sleep there too. Everybody has their own business, but they help each other. If somebody need a help all he have to do is just ask the other, everybody will help him, no matter what the problem is. They share bedroom, kitchen and bathroom as well.

If all of you wanna know more about CampusNet society, you may visit their website at

Didik Achmadi

One of the member of CampusNet Society